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Lala's Estate Sales & Organizing

Lynne Stewart - Owner


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Proudly Servicing the Finger Lakes & Surrounding Areas
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Questions & Answers

Q: Does Lala's estate sales and organizing do cleaning out of homes?

A: Yes we do! You order a dumpster and we can do it all for you.

Q: Can Lala's estate sales and organizing organize my home?

A: Yes we can, this is a process we suggest for those looking to downsize.

Q: Do you get rid of custom or regular jewelry?

A: Yes, we have a few professional jewelers we hire to determine the price of the jewelry. 


Q: Do I have to pay for advertising?
A: No, we have signs created and circulate them prior to the day of the sale. We post Ads to facebook marketplace and some local papers.


Q: How much do you charge?
A: We charge on a case-by-case basis and this is determined when we meet with you.


Q: Can you organize us in the fall/winter months?A: Yes we can, we are always working. 


Q: Do you help declutter?

A: Yes, we do. 

Q: Do I have to price everything myself?

A: No, we do the research and price items for you.

Q: Do you help organize or downsizing prior to putting home?

A: Yes we do.

Q: What do you do with items we don't want?

A: We give you a couple options, you get rid of them, we take them, we take items to Goodwill or we have a moving company take them and donate the.

Q: What are the costs involved for the above?

A: It varies depending on the items you need to take care of and how many helpers would be assisting in the project. 


Q: Do you have insurance?
A: Yes, we are insured.


Q: Do you have references?
A: Yes see testimonials.

Q: Can you organize us in the fall/winter months?
A: Yes we can, we are always working. 

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash or Venmo 

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Who is "Lala"?

Owner, Lynne Stewart is "Lala". Her niece and nephew gave her the nickname. When developing the business the name was perfect. 


Let's discuss your needs! 

Call today! 585-750-5621

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