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Lala's Estate Sales & Organizing

Lynne Stewart - Owner


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Proudly Servicing the Finger Lakes & Surrounding Areas
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"We help minimize your stress and maximize your returns"

Organizing Services


De-cluttering Your Home


Get rid of the clutter build-up around your home with help from Lala & her staff! Clutter is overwhelming, and cleanup can be a daunting task for many people. Let's  give you a nice environment and an organized home that you will enjoy. We will help you declutter and and eliminate possessions you no longer need or want.  Introduce ways/systems to consolidate, store, display and re-purpose what you keep with consideration given to your work and living styles, to your needs. Share solutions for creating space, or the illusion of space.  


Hassle-free and Stress-free Estate Sales (Moving Sale)


Organize an estate sale with the help of Lala and her staff. When your sale is over, they can arrange for a donation pick-up, client can get rid of it on their own, or we can recommend an amazing company to remove the items for a fee.  A professional organizer helps make the task a lot easier!



  • Sorting, deciding what to sell

  • Grouping items into categories

  • Displaying selected items on tables

  • Taking photographs of certain items (for listing)

  • Pricing

  • Marketing – posting in social media.

  • Estate Sale signage – post signs around neighborhood

For “clean-out” areas (like cluttered garages, basements), expect more preparation time.


Supplies & Materials:

  • We provide some tables

  • We provide price stickers

  • We provide estate sale signage


Sale Day:

  • Sale day set-ups, as needed.

  • Running the sale

Let's discuss your needs! 

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