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Client Testimonials

What Clients Say About Lala’s Estate Sales and Organizing...

Lynne and her "dream" team of workers were amazing in Pittsford at my parents home. They organized, packed, cleaned, listed and sold items. They also cleared out and donated what did not sell after the sale. Highly recommend Lynne "LaLa" and her team.

~ Kelly Kievet McElveney

I just had my estate sale and I couldn't be happier with Lala's. You won't find a more hard working and caring group of women. I recommend them to anyone. Five stars.

~ Madeline Merla

Lala's Estate Sales & Organizing did my estate sale on July 30. Everything in my house that I hadn't already packed was labeled for sale, packed for me to bring with me or put in a donation pile! The sale went well and I couldn't be happier. Strongly recommend!

~ Doreen Milano

Thank you Lynne for all you did for our family! Amazing.

~ HK

I contacted Lynne about helping me organize... fortunately they had one day that was available... in ONE DAY EVERY box was opened & put back in the storage unit ORGANIZED! I can't tell you how wonderful the experience was, & how easy! Thanks Sooo Much!

~ Kim Tinder

When the time came for us to move our parents into a place where they would receive more care, we were fortunate to have Lynne Stewart to assist us. None of the family lived close by to handle the sale of our parent's personal belongings. As we were in the process of getting them settled, we could focus on their well-being and not worry about emptying out their home. We don't know what we would have done with their furniture and household items. Lynne helped us immensely by going thorough research as to the value' of the furniture and other household belongings. She took the time to take measurements, photos. and determine pricing. She ran her suggestions by us but I was always confident with her recommendations as I knew the work that went behind it. As ours was a case that we were selling the home, Lynne worked closely with the realtor as to what pieces should stay for staging the home until it sold. She was able to find people that understood that we needed time before removing the items from the house. If the purchaser couldn't wait, Lynne pursued other potential buyers. Lynne always kept me posted as to the status and made sure I was comfortable with any offers. She provided me with a detailed listing of sales, less her commissions and quickly venmoed me the funds. It was a smooth process from start to finish. If Lynne handles any business for you, you would be working with someone very professional, qualified, knowledgeable in the field and comfortable working with social media. She also brings the traits of understanding and compassion when you work with her. If you have any questions, Lynne can supply you with my contact information and I would be happy to discuss. 

Barbara Nesbitt


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